Monday, February 13, 2012

Things I Observed as an American in the UK aka The Most Cliché Blog Title of All Time

-I never met a single Welsh person for the duration of my trip. If I didn't have a couple Welsh friends here in Korea I'd say the country doesn't exist.

-The buses are not all Double Decker and red. The same goes for the phone booths.

-Scotch eggs are NOT eggs and haggis is not a small animal found in the woods.

-Eccles Cakes are NOT cakes. They are cookies. Stop trying to call a fish a bird.

-Every English sitcom I have seen has portrayed English people as very average looking with awkward hair and even more awkward teeth and guess what? True. Jokes. Jokes. I suffered minor whiplash while in London stoping to gawk at all the ridiculously attractive people. Why aren't these people being cast in Peep Show?

-If there is a hell it will definitely look like a Megabus.

-Driving in a roundabout scared me more then sky diving did.

-No one thought I was the exotic American.

-Liverpool is a really diverse, eclectic city full of art and music and architecture.

-If I can recreate 90% of the art in a gallery then frankly it's not art. Sorry Tate Modern, my three year old cousin could make more artistic creation's then the shite in there.

-People in the north are way nicer then people in the south.

-Jeremy Kyle is Jerry Springer minus Steve and Steve is the best part of the show.

-What is with you guys and online bingo?

-I will have to agree with everything I have heard about the weather.

-I swear there were more French students running around London then English ones.

-If there is a way to put meat in it, the English will.


-Things were not as expensive as I thought they would be. Apparently with the uncertainty of the economic climate people are back to competing for the consumers dollar, sorry pound. Old habits. Anyway, with a moderate budget I still managed to have £200 extra to use at TX Maxx and Primark.

-Does anyone think that the owners of Primark are wearing Primark clothing?

-BBC Radio 6 is the perfect station.

-I never saw one basset hound. I thought everyone had a hound, not just Prince Charles.

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  1. how have I never read your blog before? or maybe I did and then forgot it existed (I go through phases where I read a lot of blogs!) love, love, LOVE THIS!