Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A List Of Things Mariah Carey Actually Wants for Christmas

1. Candy bowls filled with red almond M&M's. Instead of the traditional M&M logo she would like them imprinted with M&C. She also wants them to have no calories.

2. Justin Bieber to father her next set of twins. She wants the twins to be female and when they come out of the womb she wants the song Baby to be playing on a constant loop.

3. Her abs circa 1997.

4. Whitney Houston's voice box on a silver platter.

5. An Ipad for each of her Jack Russel terriers.

6. Every extinct butterfly be brought back to life.

7. To be buried next to Michael Jackson.

8. That every copy of the film Drumline be destroyed.

9. That her husband Nick would change his name to Denzel.

10. For all cheesecake to be vegan.

11. That every room she enters to reside at 23 degrees Celsius (73.4 degrees Fahrenheit.)

12. An on hand physician to inject her with vitamin B12.

13. For an entire room in her house to be filled with soft, cuddly baby animals. She would prefer them to be white. No monkeys.

14. Rose petals in her toilet at all times.

15. A personal assistant that does nothing but brush her hair.

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