Sunday, December 18, 2011

In My Ideal World: Christmas Cheer Edition

In my ideal world every person I came in contact with would smell like an 8ft Spruce. When I closed my eyes I could throw tinsel on the crowd of walking trees. I would hang ornaments from their hair branches. I would put a tree skirt on their leg stumps.

In my ideal world every nutrient and vitamin would come from candy canes and mulled wine.

In my ideal world Santa would be real. I would sit on his lap at the mall and know full well that while this isn't the real real Santa he will be reporting my Christmas wishes to the big guy at the North Pole.

In my ideal world I would have a friend who is an elf.

In my ideal world that warm glow that can only come from basking in the company of family and friends dressed in red and green, the twinkle of lights, the smell of warm baked cookies would carry on throughout the year.

In my ideal world the face of a child on Christmas morning would solve every world problem.

In my ideal world every one would take their pets to sit on Santa's lap and then proceed to send the photo out as their Christmas card.

In my ideal world I would marry Santa which would make me Mrs. Santa.

In my ideal world people would actually rock around the Christmas tree.

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