Thursday, September 22, 2011

In My Ideal World

In my ideal world I could listen to Relient K and the Goo Goo Dolls and not worry about people judging my taste in music. I could run around screaming "I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW WHO I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and people would applaud me for my perfect pitch and dedication to the overall tone Johnny Rzeznik was trying to convey.

In my ideal world I could eat nothing but chips and salsa and chocolate and feel no guilt. I would end each evening with a night cap consisting of Kahlua and hot chocolate with not one, but TWO big marshmallows. I would smile as I sat wrapped in a down blanket as the alcohol seeped through my veins and eased me into a gentle slumber.

In my ideal world I could run for 20 miles and not feel sore or tired. I wouldn't need to train for endurance or power or strength, I could just lace up my trainers on a whim and see the entirety of the city on nothing but the soles of my feet.

In my ideal world a university degree would be free. I wouldn't know the discomfort of starting life off a bajillion dollars in debt for acquiring something that should be given to people who want it. I would have the freedom to volunteer for a good cause or for the experience without worrying about making minimum payments or astronomical interest rates. In my ideal world I wouldn't even know what interest is.

In my ideal world I could hug a stranger and not be looked at like I have the pox. I could smile at passer by's and people would smile back. I could say things like 'howya do?' and 'I hope ya have a nice day naw ya hear?' I wouldn't need the support of alcohol to spark conversations with strangers. I would embrace the quirks of others and hope they would embrace mine. I like to hold my hands like chicken wings when I walk.

In my ideal world I could put on a really authentic sounding accent. I could convince even the most Scottish person that I am a Warrior fan, went to uni in Edinburgh and love meself a deep fried Mars bar.

In my ideal world plane tickets would be affordable. At the drop of a hat I could jump on and be somewhere exotic or in the arms of a loved one. All seats would be first class and the on board meals would include Taco Bell, Three Musketeers bars and a 12% bottle of red.

In my ideal world I would live in a tree house.

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