Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mastering The Art Of The Inside Joke

There will be that one time something particularly amusing happens amongst you and one (or several) of your friends. It will occur like a flash of bright lightning, the perfect storm. You have THE statement to capture this moment you all shared together. A way to wrap it up in a little package with a perfect little ribbon on top. A present that you will all be able to unwrap over and over and over again. You are sure it will cause uproarious laughter for the rest of eternity. The witty statement is rocking in the forefront of your brain, the words swirling on your tongue. You have an 8 second window of opportunity before the moment passes and you are too late. In order to ensure the peak amount of laughter you want the delivery to be perfect. You don't want it to come out forced. You don't want to stumble on your words. Be calm. Be collected. You will make your friends laugh.

(Insert Inside Joke Here)

Wait for it, wait for it. One chuckles, then another, then another, now all your friends are in uproarious laughter. They are all gazing at each other in love with this moment. Friends will high five you and react with the following statements:

"Holy shit, that is awesome!"
"How did you think of that?!?!"
"OMG, you are soooooooo funny!"
"I wish I had half your wit!"
"I feel cooler by association!"

They think you're funny! Really! They do! Think to yourself, "fuck damn I'm clever! Hellz to the yeah, people love me, they really, really love me!" While your friends are laughing at your one line oratory firework try to play it cool. Keep as straight of a face as possible and right when the laughter starts to die down a bit allow yourself a smirk and a: "man guys, I didn't think it was THAT funny." Secretly know that you ARE that funny.

Wait at least a week until you and another friend who shared in the holy moment are with company who were not there. The more irrelevant the setting and company the better. Wait for a loose connection to anything happening in the present moment in which to relive a previous, more funny moment.

(Insert Inside Joke Here)

You and your friend are in hysterics! You are soooooo cool, like the coolest. Bask in the looks of jealousy, annoyance and rage that are coming from the people who do not know what in the hell you are talking about. You are a part of an inside joke, and no one can take that away from you.

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