Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Inanimate Objects I am in Love With Right This Moment

1. USB Gamepad/Controller- The Brit somehow managed to come across every. single. Super. Nintendo. game. of. all. time! It's sheer brilliance. For some odd reason we couldn't seem to track down a gamepad and no one was about to play Mega Man with a space bar and arrow keys. I remembered a couple shops I saw when I lived downtown last year so yesterday we made the pilgrimage to Mecca aka the used gaming shop. There it was like a beacon of hope. The ecstasy equivalent of Christmas, triple orgasms and feta cheese after not eating it for a 8 months... a USB gamepad. Here is to many nights in with men pushing Marios buttons...I know they enjoy it.

2. Tupperware- I need a tiny break from school lunches. No complaints, just a brief change of scenery. Thank you Ernest Tupperware or whatever your name is that invented these beautiful lightweight plastic tombs that keep my lettuce crisp and my salad dressing from spilling in my backpack. I am giving myself bonus points for not using plastic bags. Sidebar: Plastic bags never decompose they just break down into smaller and smaller pieces as they are an inorganic material. Cheers for reusing!

3. Air Conditioning Units- It is human nature to wish it hotter when it is cold and wish it colder when it is hot, perhaps I am just a whiney bitch but I can't function happily without a bit of air conditioning. We are coming into the most humid of times here in Asia and I for one and prepared for my utility bills to sky rocket...tis the price I will pay for the things I love.

4. Sandals- My feet have been in hibernation for nearly 8 months and as much as I prefer the fashion that is the winter months tis time for a break from clunky boots and Converse that insulate as well as a paper bag. Here is to ridiculous shades of nail polish, dirty sand ridden feet and stepping in huge puddles.

5. Stickers- Kids love stickers. I teach kids. I buy stickers to give away as prizes yet for some reason sheet by sheet they are making their way into my life. I have a school folder covered in Beauty and the Beast, my journal has holographic race cars my desk has an array of the latest series of Power Rangers, dinosaurs and pirate ships. I am a nerd.

6. The Leftover Food on my Plate- It becomes a makeshift version of playdoh or clay. I mold it into walls, shape it into hearts, make it look like vomit.

...maybe I never grew up.

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