Thursday, June 23, 2011

Say Goodbye.

Goodbye is difficult. Goodbye can help you grow, forge a new path, have a new experience. Goodbye shows strength. Sometimes goodbye is for a day. Goodbye babe, I'll see you for dinner. Sometimes for a few months. Goodbye Mama, I'll see you next February. Sometimes it’s permanent. Goodbye cigarettes, I'll be seeing you NEVER. Maybe you don't know how long a goodbye will be. If there are things in your life you truly want to let go of there is no better way then to say goodbye and mean it. Say goodbye to the things you don't need or want, make room for better things. Go ahead. Try.

Goodbye nicotine stains.
Goodbye criticizing myself.
Goodbye bagels and white bread.
Goodbye being angry at my mom for covering our beautiful couches with ugly blankets.
Goodbye over-analyzing nature.
Goodbye photo documenting every drunken weekend.
Goodbye being drunk every weekend.
Goodbye not accepting a compliment.
Goodbye final Harry Potter film.
Goodbye white linens.
Goodbye Mike.
Goodbye puppet ministry, praise singing and super church.
Goodbye dwelling in the past and the future.
Goodbye to having life figured out.
Goodbye unsuited friends.
Goodbye Steve Carell. The office won't be the same.
Goodbye inner fat child.
Goodbye First Church.
Goodbye trying to cut down on cursing.
Goodbye America.
Goodbye going deep deep deep deep deep.
Goodbye second family who no longer speaks to me.
Goodbye binge eating nights and morning after regret.
Goodbye to the way I felt on the stoop.
Goodbye pragmatic society.
Goodbye buying new clothes I don’t need.
Goodbye Heidi.
Goodbye pretending that I don't like Aerosmith.

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