Monday, June 20, 2011

For My Daddy


Thank you for taking us to Disney World every year. Thank you for waiting with Olivia so Mom, Phill and I could go on Space Mountain 3 times in a row.

Thank you for always calling me beautiful.

Thank you for every spider you murdered in my bedroom. I could never do it, I still can't.

Thank you for being supportive when I wanted to come to Korea. You were one of the only people who did.

Thank you for instilling in me a sense of responsibility. I hated working at Wetzel’s Pretzel’s but I loved being (somewhat) independent .

Thank you for buying me the Breeze. I loved that car. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.

Thank you for all the money you spent on me at Target. I can not possibly begin to add up how much it could be, but every t-shirt, bathing suit, slurpee and video game… I want you to know, I appreciated it all.

Thank you for yelling at me every time I was mean to Mom, Phill or Olivia. I will never yell at the people whom I love the most.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of saving. I am not very good at it, but I am getting better… I owe it all to you (pun intended).

Thank you for surprising me by coming to Malta. That was the best vacation of my life and I am so happy I got to spend it with you.

Thank you for pointing out why my ex- boyfriends sucked, usually in front of their face. You were right.

Thank you for pointing out that Holly, Kendra and Bridgette on ‘The Girl’s Next Door’ were probably not the best role models.

Thank you for your dumb jokes that I have heard over a million times:
Waitress: “Would you like another cup of coffee?”
You: “No thanks. I have to drive.”
Never gets old Dadio.

Thank you for making me listen to jazz growing up. You’re a big reason why I love music so much today.

Thank you for buying me a violin. I know I sucked. Thank you for not rubbing it in my face when I quit yet another thing.

Thank you for taking me to every rally Bill Clinton ever had in Michigan. Watching you love politics made me love politics too.

Thank you for always dancing, even if it was just the two step.

Thank you for driving me to Chicago when I left for Korea the first time. I saved $700 on that plane ticket. Thank you for taking me to get deep dish pizza as my final meal. Thank you for stopping at Target one last time before I boarded the plane. I really loved those sheets I bought.

Thank you for always letting me have the front seat because I was the oldest.

Thank you for crying when I came home the first time and surprised you. I know how much you love me.

Thank you for all the pets we had growing up. I know they made a mess but a childhood wouldn’t have been complete without: Stella, Mitzi, Urkel, Minnie, Freddie, Snowball and Muffin.

Thank you for taking me to Toys-R-Us just so we could make sure they hadn’t gotten a new shipment of Pokemon cards in.

Thank you for every breakfast at the Greek Pantheon. Omelets are not the same without you.

All My Love,
Natt x

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