Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ramblessssss: An Open Letter to Myself

I'm sick, my brain is mushy, I am losing all my vintage thoughts and replacing them with plastic new ones...I'm going to ramble. I don't care if you read it.

I am so ADD that last night I started to take off my jeans to put my running clothes on and something distracted me, probably dirty dishes. It took me 5 minutes to realize my pants were halfway pulled down and I was barely able to take baby steps across my apartment.

I am dedicated to learning the banjo. I freaking love that thing, yet sometimes drunk friends come over and play it and almost rip the stings off. Makes me feel like a bad parent.

I could play Nintendo everyday of the week if I had time. I used to play Mortal Kombat for 48 hours straight. I am not ashamed.

I never stop to think about the pain of the world. Sometimes a smile at a stranger would be enough.

I was actively facebook creeping someone’s parents today and it made me understand this person so much better. We really do, at least in a small way, perhaps unwillingly, become our parents.

I want a 4th tattoo really bad. I was supposed to get it last week and my friend instilled doubt in my mind. Thankful for good friends that make you think even if you don't take their advice.

Every magazine I read I must go through twice because the first time around I only look at the pictures.

Sometimes when I think of the beauty of the world I quite literally feel like my heart could burst. I'm usually looking at a tree when this happens.

I miss Detroit. Detroit is beautiful.

I have the hobbies of an old person, and the music tastes of one as well.

Previous to Korea my life was only about going to Church. I was asked by a friend recently what I was passionate about and I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head and it really saddened me. It took me a moment to remember my passion was Jesus. Now it's not the center of my existence it's time to find a new passion. If I can't (in the words of my dear friend) "it's not about having one passion, but living life passionately."

I want to write a novel but my ability to string thoughts together are about as advanced as my writing skills in this letter.

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